Hardwood Refinishing


Flooring source hardwood refinishing service gives worn, dull floors a new lease on life for much less than replacing them

Today’s hardwood floors needn’t be replaced when they look dull and worn because less costly hardwood refinishing will restore their beauty and durability.

Hardwood floors can be given long new life and again look as beautiful as they did when newly installed with hardwood refinishing by Flooring Source. Their shine and luster will accent your room once more, and you’ll avoid having to drain your bank account to pay for a completely new floor.

Normal daily activity causes hardwood damage

There’s little one can really do to prevent even the best hardwood floor from losing its shine and glimmer eventually. There are many quite normal everyday family activities and occasional mishaps that will likely contribute to the loss of your floor’s youthful beauty. The more frequently that you clean your floors, the less likely damage becomes. However, accidents can still take place. The cause of your hardwood floors loss of shine and dull appearance may include:

Abrasive grit that is scraped across the surface by foot traffic; the use of strong cleaning products that strip away the shine; ladies stiletto heels that pit in the wood; pet claws that scrape and gouge away the finish; food and other spilled liquids that stain the floor’s surface; pet accidents that result in stains and odors; continued foot traffic that slowly wears away the floor’s protective polyurethane coating; heavy furniture being moved across the floor’s surface while being located elsewhere in the room and moisture soaking down into the hardwood itself through worn away areas in the surface coating.

As soon as you become aware of the floors loss of shine and dull appearance, arrange to get the problem fixed as soon as you can. Most of the damage can be easily repaired by hardwood refinishing. However, once serious damage affects the hardwood underneath the surface coating, the repair becomes more difficult and more costly.



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Hardwood refinishing is the problem solver

Flooring Source begins the hardwood refinishing by sanding away any remaining the finish along with a small amount of the hardwood from your floors. Very little of the wood is removed, but it makes a significant difference since doing so removes almost every surface imperfection. This also ensures that the floor will be level in areas where it has become in the least warped or buckled.

Removing any existing imperfections is only the first step in the process. Once that has been done, we add a new layer of polyurethane coating to replace the coating that has been removed. This new layer will protect the wood in the future. As soon as the new surface coating has dried, your floor will look as good as new and be as strong as it was originally.

Refinishing your floors quickly once they begin to show wear will extend their lifespan and durability once more. Proper maintenance of any hardwood flooring should include regular hardwood refinishing by professionals that have the needed expertise. Properly maintained and cared for hardwood flooring can last for hundreds of years.

Flooring Source offers hardwood refinishing services to homeowners in Friendswood, Baytown, Dickinson, Galveston and other nearby Texas communities.

If you need more information about this process, phone us, e-mail us, or drop by our showroom in Friendswood, TX at your convenience to discuss your need for hardwood refinishing with one of our flooring specialists.