Impressive luxury vinyl

You may have already been taken in by the buzz about luxury vinyl. It’s being used more and more in high-end homes all over the country. You might be wondering how a vinyl flooring product could assume such a place of prestige among the many floor coverings available today.

That’s what we’re here to let you in on, the secret to the impressiveness of luxury vinyl. You might even find yourself ready to try it yourself. In that case, be sure to stop by a Flooring Source showroom near you to speak to someone soon.

Luxury vinyl makes a name

Yes, vinyl used to be the budget friendly choice for flooring when you needed a quick floor covering. These days, however, luxury vinyl is really making waves in the business. Mimicking natural resources such as solid hardwood, tile, stone, marble and more, you can hardly tell the difference between luxury vinyl and the real thing.

This is thanks in great part to 3D printing technology that produces the design layer of this product. You can choose luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl planks (LVP), as each has their own distinct look and feel.

Yes, you get not only the look of real natural materials, but you get the feel as well. Whether it’s the grain feel of real hardwood, the sandy texture of natural stone, or the grout and sleekness of porcelain tile, you can have it all with luxury vinyl.

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Luxury vinyl is easy to install

Many varieties of luxury vinyl simply click and lock together. Not only does this greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to install the flooring, but it also negates the need for nails, staples or glue. What does this mean? It means that this flooring will easily cover any existing floor you already have in place.

In some cases, a sturdy, thick luxury vinyl floor can even out a floor that was uneven to start with. The durability of LVT and LVP is impressive, especially in the thicker panels.

Your one-stop shop for luxury vinyl

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